Upcoming events


  • 05.06. Muffin sale from students of Ostseeschule Flensburg for donation to Freies Radio Fratz 10:00-13:00
  • 08.06. Concert von Martin und Jenny from state symphony orchestra, 18:00
  • 10.06. Sailing with coffee and cake to islands Ochseninseln, 13:00-17:00
  • 21.-26.06. Culinary hiking tour to Valciusella
  • 30.06./ 01.07. Participation at  FLENSBURG AHOJ 2018 in Flensburg
  • 08.-14.07. Culinary hiking tour to Valchiusella
  • 20.-24.09. as German Delegates at Salone del Gusto 2018 in Turin
  • 24.-29.09. Culinary hiking tour to Valchiusella including one day at Salone del Gusto 2018


Our previous activities in 2018

Workshop Pasta Trilogia 31.03

It was an evening full of gluten. We have enojoyed with our guests la Dolce Vita with homemade pasta, good wine and great conversations. Silvia, with her expertise, has conducted the guests into the world of pasta, using exclusively organic and regional ingredients

Schlei-Aperitif on the MS Stadt Kappeln 11.04.

We served our guests a regional aperitif in one of the most beautiful places of the North of Germany, Schleimünde. With the great view of the Schlei, saisonality, regionality and crafsmanship tasted even better.