What we reached so far... 


In 2017 we were able to apply the concept of sustainability to a restaurant and tried to look at it from a 360° perspective. Through the use of qualitative regional organic food we raised the awareness in our guests for topics like place of origin and small food productions. Here are the main points of our work:

  • Regional organic food supply-system from small and medium-scale food manufactures within a radius of 70km
  • Creative, seasonal cuisine including the use of local resources such as algae and wild roses
  • Support of small and medium-scale businesses through the use of their limited products
  • Reduction of food waste through the use of compost and smaller portions
  • Leaf-to-root concept in the kitchen
  • Everything homemade


Press review 2017


  • 24.06.17 NDR Nordtour: Öko-Gastronomie auf der Schleimünde
  • 08.09.17 NDR mare tv: Die Schlei - Deutschlands malerischer Meeresarm
  • 07.10.17 NDR DAS! Magazin



  • 24.08.17 Mohltied Jubiläumsausgabe
  • 04/2017 Segel Journal
  • 09.12.17 AHGZ: Er mischt jetzt in der Giftbude mit



  • 16.10.17 Gastro-Gründertag (unter den Top 30 von 700 Bewerbern)



  • 15.06.17 Host of Rendezvous der Klassiker 2017
  • 23.07.17 Host of Naturgenussfestival Schleswig-Holstein 2017
  • 17.09.17 Host of Naturgenussfestival Schleswig-Holstein 2017