Sustainable Gastronomes


We are Alumni of the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) in Pollenzo, Italy. Therefore we live the passion for good, clean and fair food.


After several months of island life, we are now in Flensburg's port and go on sailing tours to bring people closer to the world of food.

Heiko Niehaus

aus Recklinghausen (GER)


// Founder


Manager Giftbude Schleimünde (2017)

Lotseninsel Schleimünde, Kappeln (GER)

Master in Food Culture (2017)

University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo (IT)

B.A. in Hotel-, Tourism- Events Management (2015)

University of Applied Sciences, Mittweida (GER)



“The close collaboration with producers from the region is very important to me. Because only their unique products and their passion ensure that we can offer that qualitative and sustainable dishes to demonstrate our clients what our homeland offers!”

Silvia Sibille

aus Rubiana (IT)


// Product Development


Intern Giftbude Schleimünde (2017)

Lotseninsel Schleimünde, Kappeln (GER)

B.S. in Gastronomic Sciences (2017)

University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo (IT)





 “I want to bring connections among people: through food the great artisanality of producers can reach consumers and the gastronomic ecosystem can be restored. I will work hard to promote a sustainable gastronomy that could benefit every single actor in the foodscape without undermining the resources we live on.”



We like to pass the message of good food: that means to show people how does high quality food taste, how to produce and consume without damaging and overexploiting the resources around us and how to eat less but better.


Hence derive our values that we keep in mind every day:



sustainable, ambitious, rare


  •  80% of our ingredients come from artisanal productions in a range of 70 km
  • 20% extraregional products from sustainable artisanal productions are ordered only once a month
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Regional bio boxes as the main delivery service
  • CO2 emissions reduction through shorter transport distances of our goods
  • Promotion of a more consciuos consumption
  • For trips of more than 50km we use blablaCar and offer the possibility of car sharing
  • We know all our producers in person
  • We work as much as possible packaging free, for example with recyclable and compostable material
  • Our homemade preparations are fresh and limited
  • We cooperate with young start-ups in order to support  their entrepeneurship




We like to establish a holistic sustainable gastronomy concept. The effects of daily business should be as environmentally friendly as possible, the employees and partners should be fairly paid for their passionate and time-consuming efforts and the concept should result in a long-term economically profitable business.



We use organic ingredients to ensure the quality of our products. For the choice of products seasonality and origin are very important. We are keen to show our guests how diverse the seasons could be and the incredible flavor variety that they offer.



We are a few and particular like the products we present you.